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Reverse osmosis plant in Bangladesh

Reverse Osmosis plant in Bangladesh

If you are facing drinking water in your industrial areas? if your water has large molecules, ions, and various types of impurities. your need a Reverse Osmosis Plant in Bangladesh.

PureLife Especially reverses osmosis plants are designed for you various industrial & commercial RO plants requiring high-quality equipment with fast delivery and competitive price. We ensure excellent performance, stringent designs, smooth operations, and durability for our clients.

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Reverse Osmosis Membrane Process?

Reverse osmosis (RO) is an advanced membrane-technology filtrations system that removes from water many types of large molecules and ions from solutions by applying pressure to the solution, reverse osmosis plant is widely used to reduce chemical impurities from brackish & seawater.

Reverse osmosis is also known as hyper-filtration. A reverse osmosis drinking water system is used most commonly to purify drinking water. its removal of salts and other impurities results in improved colors, better teste, and improved water. this technology is also capable of removing all naturally occurring pesticides, virus bacteria, and impurities

RO plant in Bangladesh working principle

We manufacture a large range of industrial Reverse Osmosis plants our industrial and commercial plant is designed, customized, and configure for individual customer requirements. which normal drinking water application to largely industrial reverse osmosis plants in Bangladesh. Our applications are specially designed for food, pharmaceuticals, etc industries. Reverse Osmosis Plant in Bangladesh

These systems come standard with pre-filter, chemical design, and anesthetic customization available

Reverse Osmosis plant working process

Reverse Osmosis Plant in Bangladesh
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  • Reverse osmosis plant equipment:
  • Tap water
  • Feed pump
  • Inlet pressure gauge
  • Sand filter with pressure gauge
  • A carbon filter with the pressure gauge
  • water softener with the pressure gauge
  • Filter(PPC)
  • Pressure switch
  • RO pump
  • Membrane filter
  • Wastewater outlet
  • Mineral water outlate
  • Flowmeter
  • Storage tank

First of all the feed tank is filled with tap water further the feed pump will transfer the water from the feed tank to the sand filter where all the particles separate from the tap water the process occurs in such a way that water goes into the bottom of the tank, the water travel in an upward direction moves through the sand and goes to the carbon filter in this way whole particles are separated from the tap water then comes carbon filter in the carbon filter order and color from the water is removed the process is same as

The water comes from the opening below moves throw the activated carbon and goes to the water softener tank containing cation and anion resins which separate all the salt and make the water soft so that water can be used for washing purposes we can also use this water for other drinking purposes too then the water is traveled to the PPC filter where it is further purified after PPC filter water goes to pressure switch when pressures of the water raised to a certain level so that it can travel to the membrane

So that it can travel to the membrane the switch gives single to control panel and it starts the arrow pump the auto pump move water for membrane filter with high pressure and it removes all the dissolved substance from it the mineral water comes from the bottom and the raw water or the wastewater is collected from the top the flow meters tell us all the flaws that are moving through the pipes and the mineral water is stored in the storage tank so this is all for today

Application of Industrial Reverse Osmosis plant

Food and Beverage Industry:
The industrial RO plant mostly us in beverage and food industries where drinking water or freshwater absolutely essential for the quality of food. reverse osmosis plant is economical to recycle contaminated water and make it is useable for food and beverage production

Water purification
reverse osmosis plant used around the world for drinking water and other household purposes

Medical use
One of the uses of RO water for medical patient treatment link between patient urinary tests and especially kidney dialysis.

Rainwater Harvesting
the rainwater is filtered through the RO systems. have and many societies or residential areas are collected rainwater and it is treated by the Reverse osmosis plant.

Features of Reverse Osmosis plant

  • We provide perfectly carved RO plants that are easy to operate.
  • We never compromise on our performance.
  • Durability is never an issue with our plants.
  • Cost-effectiveness is guaranteed.
  • The RO systems are known for maximum dissolution of the contaminants.
  • Our RO plants are known for uninterrupted service.
  • The RO plants also consume less power and are easy to install.

Why choose us Reverse Osmosis plant Manufacturer?

Reverse Osmosis plant is a heigh valuable method of purifying drinking water. most people are choice reverse osmosis because of the total amount of impurities it can dissolve. we are in the leading position of reverse osmosis plants in Bangladesh. we always keep updated on the latest technology and implement them with the absolute

PureLife is a leading position in water and wastewater treatment plants in Bangladesh. we have 11 years of experience in water treatment and related fields in Bangladesh. our 20+ completed reverse osmosis plant in industrial and commercial areas of water and wastewater field.



Do Reverse Osmosis Pollutants Remove Bacteria? How?
Yes. Rear osmosis removes bacteria from weakened water through a membrane having a severance size. 0005 microns. It rejects bacteria and removes redundant heavy essence similar to lead, arsenic, magnesium, and iron present in the water that can be poisonous to consume.

Is water pressure a pivotal factor in the rear osmosis process?
Yes. Water force at a good pressure is necessary for the RO system to serve smoothly. However, the RO won’t easily, If the inflow is intruded or doesn’t have sufficient pressure.

Is water filtered through RO technology is 100 safe for ménage use?
Yes. It effectively eliminates pollutants and pours freshwater for ménage use.

How important does a rear osmosis factory cost?
The cost of RO shops is commensurable to liter capacity, size of the system, and factory position. Conservation costs are fresh to the machine’s effectiveness.

Does the RO Plant Require Regular Maintenance?

No, our reverse osmosis plant is durable to last for a long period of time. With lower membrane fouling, maximum recovery of percolate, and the long-lasting continuity of our membrane sludge, you can achieve the asked results without fussing about the conservation of the factory. We’ve streamlined the design of the plant in such a way that it costs you lower conservation and provides you with excellent water quality.

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