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Best Iron Removal Plant in Bangladesh

Best iron removal plant in Bangladesh

If you have water with high levels of iron manganese and sulfur. Iron removal plant specially designs for you. This new and clean technology makes advanced iron plants. iron removal plant manufacturer and supplier PureLife all over Bangladesh(bd).

We have described here the Best iron removal plant in Bangladesh(bd) Let’s check out this description.

Iron removal plant is a part of the water and wastewater treatment process. PureLife is a water and wastewater treatment company in Bangladesh since having 2012


Table of Contents

This iron plant can remove high levels of iron in the water. This plant is suitable for Saline water and Brackish water. iron removal is a very important aspect of iron water treatment as its presence can change the test of food and beverages.

About Iron in Water:

Water contain Iron as Fe2+ /Fe(OH)2 or Fe3+ /Fe(OH) 3  is dissolved form. So it is very hard to remove by only physical, and biological methods.

So it is removed by physical, chemically absorption Technic. In our iron removal plant, we are adding some absorption water media as well as some physical methods too.

Iron removal concept at the presence

The presence of iron in water can prove dangerous since it can pose problems related to the diligence design, cost, and operation. The presence of inordinate iron can beget the abrasion of water, laundry, and plumbing institutions.

So from where do, these iron patches come in water? Small quantities of iron are planted in water due to the large quantities of iron present in the soil. Water from the valve is generally either tintless or transparent. Still, when it comes in contact with oxygen, it becomes of a sanguine-brown flyspeck called rust.

Substantially, the working principle of removing iron content from the water is the oxidization of iron. In this process, iron’s ferrous or dissolved ( answerable) state is converted to a ferric or undissolved form. After that, when the conversion takes place, the ferric form of iron precipitates on the sludge bed.

Iron removal plant process

Special catalytic media inside the tank create instantaneous oxidation the oxygen makes the iron and sulfur precipitate out and the media bed traps it the electronic control valve automatically backwash is to clean the system and flush the iron and sulfur down the drain once your system is installed and set you never have to bother with it again

Iron removal plant specification

Our Iron Removal Plant is most used in the Industrial sector of Bangladesh. IRP can remove metals and chemicals up to 35 PPM. We provide high adsorptive plants Our utilized Filter Media, Chemical Compounds, and FRP Vessel are cost-effective and long-lasting.

Ours provide types of equipment

Feed pumpPressure switch ✔ Aeration
Forced Aeration with compressed air
Chemical Dosing for coagulation, pH adjustment
Contact bed oxidationFiltration

best iron removal plant in Bangladesh
Best iron removal plant in Bangladesh

Pressure switch for the feed pump In an IRP, if any vessel or sludge is blocked, and the pressure exceeds 4 kg, the feed pump will automatically stop.

Feed pump The first stage in each IRP is the feed pump. The feed pump of the IRON Junking Factory transports water from the raw tank to the treatment unit.

However, the feed pump and the entire IRP will shut down, If the raw water tank is empty.

Non-return bulb In an IRP, when the machine is stopped after feeding the water via the feed pump, the non-return bulb prevents the water from returning.

Water sample bulb You must use a water sample bulb to take water to justify the exertion of a chemical or sludge in each step of an IRP.

Sludge for several media types Manganese zeolite, anthracite, brim, beach, and clay were employed as media. Using an iron junking medium in an IRP, eliminates iron, arsenic, rust, sulfur, manganese, Dirt turbidity, unwelcome taste, odor, and indeed chlorine.

Beach sludge A beach sludge in an IRP reduces d cast and cleans the water.

Actuated carbon sludge The dirt, lead, chlorine, mercury, and poor taste and odor are all absorbed by the actuated carbon sludge in an IRP. By removing these patches, the turbidity of the water will be reduced and the water will come clear.

Micron sludge In an IRP, a micron sludge is also appertained to as a security sludge since it cleans the water and removes any dust before it moves on to the coming phase.

Position switch When the IRP in Bangladesh’s pure water tank is full, the RO machine will automatically shut down.

Iron removal plant price in Bangladesh

iron removal plant price depends on water test reports and water media more info about iron removal plant. Please contact at this number. I will tell you briefly  contact at 01919998881


The Iron Elimination Scheme of Stream capability 0.50 to as required is designed and proposed by us on the premise of Uncooked inlet water high quality and website situations to provide Iron-free potable water as per WHO and  IS requirements. The completely different parts of our IRON REMOVAL Plant in BD are as given below.

  1. Cascade aerator/ Spray Aerator
  2. Air Compressor
  3. Oxidation Chamber
  4. Strain/Gravity Filtration
  5. Chemical Dosing System with mixer

Why do you Placement an iron removal plant in the house

In house child to age-old, all people are here. Iron water damages health actually affects the kidney and creates various diseases. And the red stain on the tails or household things letter. Reduce detergent activity when you washcloths, household dishes, etc this problem must be controlled when you place an iron removal plant. it is very clear that, in the perspective of Bangladesh.

The technologies found effective and safe for iron removal from water pump water need promotion for wider implementation in the acute iron problem areas to avoid ingestion of excessive iron through household water. The iron removal technologies are expected to improve further through adaptation to the surroundings

why we provide the Best iron removal plant in Bangladesh

we have completed 150+ iron removal plants and our team members are more experts in iron removal plants.

Our working video IRP plant

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Our water Filter/Purifier

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