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What is an iron removal plant in water treatment?

Iron Removal Plant (IRP) are able to remove metals, chemicals, manganese, hydrogen sulfide, and both ferrous and ferric iron reliably and continuously.  Iron Removal Plant is used for the treatment of groundwater and surface water typically for reduction of iron, We are leading position in iron removal and water treatment plant manufacturers and suppliers in Bangladesh.

Our specially designed Iron Removal Plant (IRP) in Bangladesh is the handiest resolution in the Industrial Water purifier Sector, it removes metals and chemical contamination up to 35 PPM. Our Industrial Reverse Osmosis Plants(RO) and Iron Removal Plant (IRP) are consciously and intentionally on purpose customized and configured to the individual requirement of water test,

Iron removal plant (IRP) working process

Raw water distribution cycle
In this cycle, the bypass valve is set to the distribution link. The raw water as it is having Iron and Arsenic content from the overhead tank is sent to the distribution line.

Filtration cycle / Stage -1
In this cycle, the bypass valve is set to bypass line. At this stage, the raw water is passed through the iron filter the iron gets removed and iron-free water is sent to the arsenic filter

Filtration cycle / Stage -2
At this stage, the iron-free water is sent to the Arsenic filter where the arsenic content is removed the then sent to the polishing filter for further removal of residues if any.

Filtration cycle / Stage -3
At this stage, the arsenic-free water is sent to a polishing filter for removal of residues, and the treated water is set to distribution line through a booster pump and a
part is stored in a tank for backwash.

Backwash cycle
During this cycle, the treated water store in the tank is pumped to iron filter for backwashing and the backwashed water is sent to a soak pit for further use of watering trees, etc

Our Iron removal plant in Bangladesh is Appropriate for:

Flats, houses, and properties.
Restaurant, Hotel, and Resorts.
Clinic, Hospitals.
Industries and Pharmaceutical.
Municipality water provider.
Instructional establishments like schools, colleges, universities.

Problems with Iron in Water:

✅ The hair of the head falls out.
✅ Itching occurs in the body.
✅ The bathroom tiles turn red.
✅ Pipe fittings are damaged.
✅ White cloth washes away and turns red.
✅ Also 70% of body diseases are waterborne.

We found customer questions and solve them.

How much does Iron removal plant installation cost?
Depend on plant capacity and water test.
Which Country Products?
Taiwan, China, India, Bangladesh.
How many days are guaranteed?
1-year iron removal plant.
Do you do outside Dhaka?
Yes, I do it all over Bangladesh.
Where is your office?
Uttara, Dhaka, Bangladesh.
how much electricity consumption?
Depend on plant and pump.
How many days after Sediment filters need to be changed?
Sediment Filter every after two months.
✅ How many days after water media need to be changed?

Water media after 18-24 months.

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Cost depends on capacity and water test (Negotiable) 01919-998881

Since 20012 PureLife water treatment company is a trusted name in the commercial, industrial and residential market, our strong point. we have 200+ completed iron removal plants with the happiest client in Bangladesh.

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