A zero liquid discharge plant is an environmental engineering approach to the water treatment process that recovers fresh water from pollutants and solid wastewater while many water treatment processes maximize recovery and minimize waste zero liquid discharge is the most demanding target since the cost and challenges of recovery increase as the wastewater gets more concentrated. Saltness, spanning composites, and organics all increase in attention, which adds costs associated with managing these increases.

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ZLD is achieved by threading together water treatment technology that can treat wastewater as the pollutants are concentrated.

Zero Liquid Discharge Plant  ZLD in Bangladesh
Zero Liquid Discharge Plant / ZLD Structure

Zero liquid discharge plant is an advanced water treatment methodology that includes various types stage of wastewater treatment such as reverse osmosis, ultrafiltration, evaporation, and electro-deionization. which include more than 160 installations, membrane processes, hybrid systems including thermal/evaporative and stand-alone processes.

What is a zero liquid discharge treatment process?

Zero liquid discharge plants use advanced water treatment technology systems to limit liquid waste at the end of the industrial process so it’s called zero.

ZLD well-design system should be able to:

  • agree with required chemical volumes adjustments.
  • recover around 95% of your liquid waste for reuse.
  • produce a solid, dry cake for disposal.
  • create valuable water for your wastewater.
  • Manage waste contamination and flow.

Waste Water Chemistry

Careful consideration of wastewater chemistry is demanded the successful design and operation of a zero liquid discharge system. A sound water chemistry design base is crucial to a successful zero liquid discharge design.

The chemical ingredients of concern for a zero liquid discharge system generally are as follows

TDS/ TSSAlkalinity
COD/ TOC/ Duck Oil & Grease

Table 1 Typical Chemical Ingredients of Concern

In a zero liquid discharge system, the wastewater being reused is concentrated to the solubility limits of the dissolved mariners. When the solubility limits are exceeded, mariners solidify and can also be gathered using any applicable means.

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