Pure water RO Systems limited.

Water is a fundamental part of our lives. The survival of living things is completely dependent on water. On average, the body of an adult human being contains 60% water. Most of the water in human body is contained inside the cell. The cell is a functional and structural unit of a living body. Our billions of cells must have water to live. A 70 Kg man is made up of 42 liters of water that is why the name of water is life.


Our goal  is to make available Water purifier and render services to the community to drink absolutely pure drinking water for leading healthy life.

Pure Water                ———             Healthy Life.

Healthy Life               ———             Healthy Nation.

Why PureLife?

  • We provide best quality products at a very competitive price.
  • We do not compromise with quality and service.
  • We do care customers need satisfaction.
  • We render best possible after sales service.
  • We make products and spare parts available at the door step of the customers.
  • Quick customer support – response time less than 6 hour.
  • Experienced & professional Customer Care Department.
  • 24/7 Help Desk, +8801610201030


We have over 900 Home users and over 100 corporate customers including Government Offices, National & Multi-National Companies, Embassies & Foreign Missions, University, International Donor Office & International Financial Organizations, Hotels, Airlines, Buying Houses etc. Our firm commitment is to provide the best possible service. It is our goal not only meets your expectations, but to exceed them.

Please find attached herewith an offer specially customized for your perusal. In the event if you feel the need for any further clarification please, do not hesitate to give us a call.


We provide a complete Reverse Osmosis technology is hyper filtration water treatment system by installation, commissioning and maintenance both in residential & industrial sectors. Our customers are well assured of getting optimum output through highly skilled technicians round the clock.


Purelife RO Systems  was established in the year 2012 with a group of highly skilled professionals having experienced in different Multinational Companies for a long time.

Chairman:                   A K M Siddiqul Islam
B Sc Ag (Honours), M Sc Ag (BAU)
DVPM (Reading University, UK)
M B A (International University, USA)

Managing Director:      Md.Mahbubur Rahman
M B A (Marketing) Uttara  University. Dhaka


Adviser:                         Md. Zillur Rahman (FCMA)

                                          Cost & Management Accountant.

Cell: +8801841114466

Email: mzr.fcma0606@gmail.com

Vision & Mission

PURELIFE  RO  SYSTEMS has an objective to provide pure drinking water solution to the all communities of people in the country. To continue with the uncompromised standard of quality, services and creating awareness to the communities, we want to be the market leader in a cost effective solution for making available of pure drinking water.