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FRP vessel supplier in Bangladesh

FRP vessel supplier in Bangladesh

FRP Vessel is the most important requirement of the water treatment plant in Bangladesh. FRP Fiberglass Reinforced Plastics (FRP) also known as GRP or glass reinforces plastic PureLif is the leading position FRP vessel supplier in Bangladesh.

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Commercial, Industrial, and Residential water treatment operations, FRP Pressure Vessels applications. They’re easy to handle and mount and are available in regular vinyl construction in polyester or chemical-resistant vinyl esters.

The non-corrosive and provident way to clean and store marketable/ artificial water. Structural Compound Pressure Vessels give an excellent performance and adaptability to fiberglass construction in harsh chemical surroundings.

Our FRP Pressure Vessels Manufacturer in Bangladesh can configure a boat to meet your requirements with capacities up to 1600 gallons and a range of options.

We are the FRP Pressure Vessels Manufacturer in Bangladesh that delivers a broad range of FRP Pressure Vessels with the aid of a trained pool and advanced production unit. Our handed vessel is manufactured under the supervision of our experts using high-quality raw accouterments and advanced production techniques.

This vessel is frequently used to hold liquids or gas at a pressure that differs mainly from the ambient temperature. It’s delivered according to client operation conditions in different capacities and specifications. Also, guests can use the FRP Pressure vessels at reasonable prices from the USA. FRP vessel supplier in Bangladesh.

We’re an estimable Water Treatment Products Manufacturer in Bangladesh. This vessel collection is made using stylish quality FRP content from authentic sphere merchandisers. The FRP Pressure Vessel that we vend is suitable for soft drills, DM shops, and sludge operations. Our esteemed employers in reputed sizes, shapes, and capabilities will use the fiber-enhanced plastic Pressure Vessel.

We are the Water Treatment Products Manufacturer in Bangladesh estimate every aspect of the specification for substantiated results to insure the stylish product is bought by our guests at the right price and support what we mean by world-class goods, our fidelity. By applying the loftiest quality material and ultramodern technology, we design the given product according to artificial norms. FRP vessel supplier in Bangladesh.

The hair winding experience and technology exposure complement the diversified and ever-growing portfolio of products. Our FRP Pressure Vessels Manufacturer in Bangladesh can design vessels to meet specific design conditions and it’s possible to acclimatize all the connections, working strain, measures, and internal and external homestretches to fit individual requirements. FRP vessel supplier in Bangladesh.

PureLife Water Treatment Products Manufacturer in Bangladesh is committed to offering our guests a range of Pressure Vessels of superior quality. By making use of the stylish quality material and ultramodern technology we make the given product according to assiduity norms.

Quality assurance

  • Unique periodical no to each vessel for tracking the records
  • Hydrotest@1.5 times working pressure
  • Smooth external Lustrous finish
  • UV & Scratch resistant external Library paste makeup.

How to do help water vessels in water treatment

FRP – the material is vulnerable to utmost liquids, including water and harsh chemicals. For this reason, treatment vessels and storehouse tanks manufactured from it are ideal for practical use in applicable liquid treatment shops. They can tolerate high situations of pressure without any damage done to their overall structure. They leak-evidence, therefore making the inflow of liquid easy.

Because of their inflexibility, you can mould them in any size – big and small and in any exposure perpendicular or vertical. They’re so designed that they can repel the cargo of graduation installed to pierce the roof for lading. The bottom is designed so that draining the liquid is easy. The liquids can be covered by a pressure hand. FRP vessel supplier in Bangladesh

Specification FRP vessel supplier in Bangladesh

  • ✅Shell Layer Fiber Glass
  • ✅MAX. Test Pressure 150psi
  • ✅Maximum. Working Pressure 100psi
  • ✅Temperature Range 1-49 ℃
  • ✅Maximum. Vacuum 5 ″ Hg (127 mm Hg)
  • ✅Minimal burst at 600psi
  • ✅Tested to cycles without leakage

Key Points of our FRP Vessel

  • ✅High Strength and durable FRP shell
  • ✅Polyurethane remotest coating provides redundant protection to terrain and a good appearance.
  • ✅Quick access to membranes and eliminates the use of tools
  • ✅Erosion resistant
  • ✅Light in weight
  • ✅High impact strength
  • ✅Superior outlook
  • ✅Easy to handle & install
  • ✅Conservation free

FEATURES Of FRP vessel supplier in Bangladesh

  • Flexible Design
  • By changes of resin and reinforcement material, the physicochemical property of FRP holders can be acclimated in order to fulfill the conditions of different media and working conditions. The carrying capacity of holders can be modulated by means of confirming the consistency, belting angle, and process Larry structural design of structural wastes, and FRP vessel or bias with different pressure and some certain special performances can be manufactured, which isotropic essence accouterments can’t achieve.
  • Lightweight and High Strength
  • The high pressure and high content of fiber enable the FRP vessel, which specific graveness is 1.8-2.1 kg/ m3, to have a much-advanced intensity than other essence accouterments similar to a sword and cast iron.
  • Food Grade Performance
  • In order to meet the operating conditions of brewage and food assiduity, food resin may be selected.
  • Excellent Erosion Resistance
  • FRP is endowed with a special performance of defying the chemical erosion and thus against the unequaled advantage over the other accouterments in storing sharp media including kinds of sour, alkali, swab and canvas, and organic detergent
  • Stable Performance
  • The computer controls the winding outfit to achieve ultra-stable performance products.
  • Wide Operation Fields
  • Composite having complex performances” indicates that FRP vessels can be used in a great deal of fields storehouse, transportation, environmental protection, chemical anti-chemical and brewage and so forth.

PureLife FRP vessel supplier in Bangladesh Please Call Here 0191 999 8881

FRP vessel supplier in Bangladesh is Appropriate for

  • Industrial plant
  • Iron Removal Plant,
  • Reverse Osmosis plant,
  • Water Softener Plant,
  • Mineral Water Plant
  • Desalination Plant,
  • Central Water Treatment Plant,
  • DM Plant, Battery Water Plant,
  • and so on.

The Advantages can be Summarised as Follows:

  • download the FRP vessels catalogue
  • Pressure Tolerance Without Structural Damage
  • Inherent Corrosion Resistance
  • High Mechanical Strength
  • Great Abrasion Resistance
  • Sustainable Performance
  • Heat Insulation Property & Lightweight
  • Leak-proof & Versatile
  • Flexible & Low Cost

Specification FRP vessel in Bangladesh.

ModelVessel Size
Volume (L)Operating PressureBaseWeight (Kg)Manganese Zeolite (Bag)China Manganese (Bag)BIRM (Bag)TIRM (Bag)Carbon (Bag)Resin (Bag)
GF 06136 x 13510 BarSMC/Tripod1
GF 06186 x 18
10 BarSMC/Tripod1.3
GF 0636 6 x 361610 BarSMC/Tripod2
GF 07177 x 171010 Bar
GF 07247 x 241410 BarSMC/Tripod2
GF 07247 x 241410 BarSMC/Tripod2
GF 07306 x 301810 BarSMC/Tripod3
GF 07407 x 402410 BarSMC/Tripod3.2
GF 07447 x 442710 BarSMC/Tripod
GF 08178 x 171210 BarSMC/Tripod20.300.300.300.60.200.35
GF 08228 x 221710 BarSMC/Tripod2.2
GF 08308 x 302310 BarSMC/Tripod3
GF 08358 x 352710 BarSMC/Tripod3.30.600.600.6010.40.7
GF 08408 x 403110 BarSMC/Tripod4
GF 08448 x 443510 BarSMC/Tripod4.30.800.800.801.40.50.90
0.809 x 353410 BarSMC/Tripod4
GF 09409 x 40
10 BarSMC/Tripod4.5
GF 09489 x 484810 BarSMC/Tripod5
GF 101910 x 192010 BarSMC/Tripod
GF 103010 x 303310 BarSMC/Tripod4
GF 103510 x 354010 BarSMC/Tripod4.21110.621
GF 104010 x 404610 BarSMC/Tripod5
GF 104410 x 445210 BarSMC/Tripod5.5
GF 104710 x 475510 BarSMC/Tripod6
GF 105410 x 546410 BarSMC/Tripod6.
GF 122912 x 294310 BarSMC/Tripod5
GF 124812 x 487910 BarSMC/Tripod72.52.52.5423
GF 135413 x 5410610 BarSMC/Tripod10
GF 146514 x 6515010 BarSMC/Tripod14333534
GF 166516 x 6518210 BarSMC/Tripod18444645
GF 186518 x 6523710 BarSMC/Tripod32.85666857
GF 216221 x 6231210 BarSMC/Tripod42.2399915710
GF 216921 x 6930510 BarSMC/Tripod5099915710
GF 247224 x 7241510 BarSMC/Tripod11111111181912
GF 248724 x 87
10 BarSMC/Tripod
GF 307230 x 7264010 BarSMC/Tripod81171717191225
GF 308730 x 8778210 BarSMC/Tripod103
GF 367236 x 7285010 BarSMC/Tripod106242424351628
GF 369436 x 94120510 BarSMC/Tripod
GF 407240 x 72104610 BarSMC/Tripod130303030303030
GF 409440 x 94133210 BarSMC/Tripod155
GF 422242 x 2267010 BarSMC/Tripod96
GF 427242 x 72110010 BarSMC/Tripod136
GF 4811048 x 110236010 BarSMC/Tripod225
GF 484848 x 4897010 BarSMC/Tripod123
GF 487248 x 72130810 BarSMC/Tripod
GF 489448 x 94190910 BarSMC/Tripod185
GF 609460 x 94268810 BarSMC/Tripod480
GF 6011060 x 110339210 BarSMC/Tripod520
GF 636363 x 63200010 BarSMC/Tripod
GF 637063 x 70258010 BarSMC/Tripod350
GF 638363 x 83258010 BarSMC/Tripod
GF 639463 x 94315010 BarSMC/Tripod4357676761364986
GF 729472 x 94356110 BarSMC/Tripod510
FRP vessel supplier in Bangladesh plan

PureLife provides FRP vessels at a reasonable price. FRP vessel supplier in Bangladesh.

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