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18000 GPD RO Plant in Bangladesh

18000 GPD RO Plant in Bangladesh

18000 GPD RO plant, PureLife especially will design and customize for you in Bangladesh. With advanced technology, high-quality equipment with competitive price and fast delivery. We are focused on stringent design, high performance, smooth operation, and long term usability.

RO 18000 GPD RO plant flow rate 72 meter cube at 25 deg C rejection 94 to 97% Recovery 51-61% RO membrane.

  • Water treatment capacity: 18000 GPD
  • Cube at 25C and Flow rate 72 meter
  • Recovery 50-60%
  • Rejection 95-98%
  • RO pressure vessel: FRP
  • NOTE: RO membrane (8040) brand: CSM/vontron/heron (400 ft sq) x3 Pcs
  • flow rate: 5T/hr, lift head : 165M)
  • Pre filter TK 7-20
  • Low pressure and high pressure valve
  • RO frame by stainless steel welding
  • All pressure display on main panel
  • High pressure SUS304
  • Low pressure pipe sch # 80 UPVC
  • Flush valve, feed valve and adjust valve.
  • Pure water flow meter and drain flow meter
  • NOTE: HI-pressure pump : 4 kW x 380V x 50 Hz

Reverse Osmosis naturally carries swab through a semipermeable membrane from an area with low saline attention to an area with high saline attention to gain an equal quantum of saline attention on both sides.
Halting this natural process requires the backing of a technology called” RO, Reverse Osmosis“.

RO is assigned with directing osmosis in the contrary direction. This is done by using a high pressure pump that applies extreme pressure to the largely saline concentrated side of the membrane, forcing salty water across the semipermeable membrane, allowing only water motes to inflow in while rejecting mariners and other contaminations from passing through.

Eventually, purified water comes out on the percolate side while swab and other contaminations are discharged into a drain from the concentrate side.

PureLife manufactured and supplied RO (Reverse Osmosis) Plant complete with pre and post treatment to a major company in Bangladeh. The RO Plant was designed to produce 18,000 GPD.

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