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Reverse Osmosis / RO Membrane supplier in Bangladesh

Reverse Osmosis RO Membrane supplier in Bangladesh

The use of reverse osmosis/RO membranes in the water treatment assiduity is standardized practice, due to the demand for filtration to take place in removing unwanted contaminations from water. PureLife is a Reverse Osmosis / RO Membrane supplier in Bangladesh.

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Membrane water treatment is done through the use of walls that allow only specific substances to pass through the small pores of the membrane while not allowing other types of pollutants.

There are a variety of membranes in use throughout the request which acts as processes in treating groundwater, face water, and wastewater to a position that’s respectable for diligence and especially consumption. It’s a fleetly growing assiduity, as a result of the need to combat low-quality water sources similar as gutters, lakes, wells, aqueducts, and the ocean, in order to give further indispensable styles in supplying healthy, safe, steady, and accessible water to the millions.

As per mentioned, there are different types of membranes that can be employed for water treatment. The factors that bear which membrane would be more effective relies upon the types of pollutants being in the water, and the asked water quality by the stoner.

A reverse osmosis membrane is an essential product for handling water and wastewater. There are three other types of membranes, distributed by membrane severance size, extensively used for marketable purposes Microfiltration (MF), Ultrafiltration (UF), and Nanofiltration (NF).

These four membrane types are extensively used to meet the objects of the Drinking Water rules and guidelines of water and wastewater treatment. A reverse osmosis membrane is also used for recycling desalted and/ or Ultra Pure Water (UPW) for colorful artificial and other uses, similar as making up water from power shops, manufacturing of electronic chips, food assiduity, medicinal, medical, and others.

RO membranes have continued to lag behind membranes used to treat water in wastewater treatment. Still, the business area for wastewater is adding fleetly, taking advantage of the perceptivity and specialized challenges that water treatment operations have addressed. Nearly every known traditional water treatment technology and the system have a fellow of a membrane.

PureLife is a Water treatment plant company and RO Membrane supplier in Bangladesh


For a given installation, the applicable and maybe most dependable water sanctification process must be chosen grounded on particular functional conditions, functional characteristics, and profitable variables. This is why a large chance of available on the request for membrane processes are variations of standard and RO membrane technologies.

Indeed so, there are adding figures of water treatment systems that only contain membrane processes (membrane and/ or integrated membrane). One successful operation of membrane filtration is the elevation of operating installations. Through incorporating RO membrane technology, the device size (water inflow) of the factory and the effluent thickness can be mainly bettered at a fairly lower cost.

Reverse Osmosis RO Membrane supplier in Bangladesh
Reverse Osmosis RO Membrane supplier in Bangladesh


Heron Industrial RO Membrane is the most popular Membrane in Bangladesh due to its competitive price. This Heron RO Membrane is made from 100 Japanese Toray Distance, as a result, the affair of this RO Membrane comes perfect.

Heron Membrane has a wide range of capacities similar to 200GPD to 13200 GPD. Heron RO Membrane has Brackish Water (BW) Series RO Membrane which works up to 3000 TDS, Low Pressure (LP) Series RO Membrane, 

Our BW Series Heron Reverse Osmosis Membrane can also be used for the treatment of brackish water similar to wastewater of high attention of swab, or wastewater of drink water manufacturing assiduity, etc. In addition, it has a veritably high performance of removing answerable mariners, especially suitable for the medication of supreme-pure water for electronic, electrical assiduity


  • Permeate flow and salt rejection based on the following test conditions: TW30 2,000 ppm NaCl feed stream XLE & LP 500 ppm NaCl feed stream, 77°F (25°C), and the pressure & recovery rates listed above.
  • Permeate flows for individual elements may vary +/-20%.
  • For the purpose of improvement, specifications may be updated periodically.
  • XLE-2540 replaces the LP-2540, which has been discontinued by DOW.


DOW FILMTEC BW30-4040 brackish water reverse osmosis membrane elements offer consistent, exceptional system performance in light industrial applications. With the thickest feed spacer (34 mil) available in the industry today to lessen the impact of fouling, they may be cleaned over a wide pH range (pH 1-13) for the most effective cleaning.


The DOW FILMTEC LC 4040 product range is available to meet a wide variety of customer needs in commercial applications, from producing high purity water to delivering low total system costs.

  • DOW FILMTEC LE-4040 delivers high performance at low pressure resulting in less energy usage and lower costs.
  • LC LE-4040 delivers high-quality water at low pressure in harsh water conditions, using Dow’s innovative, proprietary technology for low energy applications.
  • DOW FILMTEC LC HR-4040 is a high rejection element that produces high-quality water with our state-of-the-art RO membrane.



LOW1: High productivity and very good rejection of energy-saving polyamide elements.


LOW2: Very high rejection, good productivity energy-saving polyamide element.


LOW3: Excellent productivity energy-saving polyamide element.


LOW4: Very high productivity ultra low-pressure energy-saving polyamide element.


BR’s high rejection of brackish water elements is the industry standard.


SEA2: Elements have a very high flow to meet the requirement of applications where the flow rate and the energy-saving are more important while maintaining a very good rejection.


SEA5: Elements have an excellent rejection to meet the requirement of applications where the permeate quality is mandatory while maintaining very good productivity. this type we will provide RO Membrane supplier in Bangladesh.

how many types RO membranes in Bangladesh

Reverse Osmosis (RO) Membrane

BW30 25402.5″ X 40″, Brackish water
BW30 3658″ X 40″, Brackish
BW30 4008″ X 40″, Brackish
BW30 4008″ X 40″, Brackish
BW30 40404″ X 40″, Brackish water
BW30-365 FR8″ X 40″, Brackish water
BW30-400/34i8″ X 40″, Brackish water
BW30-400/34i-FR8″ X 40″, Brackish water
BW30-400FR8″ X 40″, Brackish water
BW30-4040FR4″ X 40″, brackish water
BW30-440i8″ X 40″, Brackish
BW30HR-440i8″ X 40″, Brackish water
BW30XFR-400/34i8″ X 40″, Brackish water
HSRO390-FF8″ X 40″, Brackish
HSRO-4040-FFFilmtec membrane, 4″ X 40″, full fit
LE-4008″ X 40″, Brackish, Low Energy
LE-40404″ X 40″, Brackish Water
LE-440i8″ X 40″, tap water
LP-25402.5″ X 40″, tap water
LP-40404″ X 40″, fresh water, low pressure
RO-390FF8″ X 40″
RO-4040-FFFilmtec membrane, 4″ X 40″ full fit
SG30-440/34i8″ X 40″
SGLE30-4008″ X 40″, tap water
SGLE30-440i8″ X 40″
SW30 25142.5″ X 14″, Seawater
SW30 25212.5″ X 21″, Seawater
SW30 25402.5″ X 40″, Seawater
SW30 40214″ X 21″, Seawater
SW30 40404″ X 40″, Seawater
SW30 80408″ X 40″, Seawater
SW30 HR-3808″ X 40″, Seawater
SW30 HRLE-4008″ X 40″, Seawater
SW30 HRLE-400i8″ X 40″, Seawater
SW30 HRLE-4040Filmtec membrane, 4″ X 40″, seawater
SW30-370/34i8″ X 40″, Seawater
SW30-60406″ X 40″, Seawater
SW30ULE-400i4″ X 40″, Seawater
SW30XHR-400i8″ X 40″, Seawater
SW30XLE-400i4″ X 40″, Seawater
TW30 1812-100Filmtec Membrane, 100 GPD, TFC
TW30 1812-16Filmtec membrane, 16 GPD, TFC
TW30 1812-24Filmtec membrane, 24 GPD, TFC
TW30 1812-36Filmtec membrane, 36 GPD, TFC
TW30 1812-50Filmtec membrane, 50 GPD, TFC
TW30 1812-75Filmtec Membrane, 75 GPD, TFC
TW30 20261.8″ X 26″, tap water
TW30 25142.5″ X 14″, Tapwater
TW30 25212.5″ X 21″, Tapwater
TW30 25402.5″ X 40″, Tapwater
TW30 40144″ X 14″, Tapwater
TW30 40214″ X 21″ Tapwater
TW30 40404″ X 40″, Tapwater
TW30HP-25262.5″ X 26″”, tap water
TW30HP-4611Filmtec membrane, 4.6″ X 11″
TW30HP-46194.6″ X 19″, tap water
TW30HP-4641Filmtec membrane, 4.6″ X 41″
XLE-2521Filmtec membrane, 2.5″ X 21″, tap water
XLE-2540Filmtec membrane, 2.5″ X 40″, tap water
XLE-4021Filmtec membrane, 4″ X 21″, tap water
XLE-4040Filmtec membrane, 4″ X 40″, tap water
XLE-4408″ X 40″, tap water

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Our Water Filter/Water Purifier RO Membrane supplier in Bangladesh

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